Terra Maio 2023 poster

Terra de Maio highlights Algarvian goat breed

The village of Azinhal is hosting a three-day event to highlight the Algarvian breed, its flavours and related activities.

The village of Azinhal, on the border with Spain, is organising a new edition of the Terra de Maio event – Feira da Cabra, from May 26 to 28.

Aiming to promote and highlight the Algarvian goat breed, its flavours and related activities, this year, the event is investing in differentiated gastronomic experiences. On top of the gastronomic activities, the programme will include musical entertainment with great Portuguese bands and the last edition’s most popular activity, the hot air balloon rides.

Showcooking will be part of the daily programme, with famous Portuguese chefs and demonstrations by the Vila Real de Santo António (VRSA) Hotel and Tourism School.

Taking place at the Pavilhão Multiusos do Azinhal, “Do campo para a mesa” (From the countryside to the table), a daily show-cooking initiative, will include demonstrations by the VRSA Hotel and Tourism School [May 26, 18h30] and several chefs. Alípio Branco, from Casa Velha in Quinta do Lago [May 27, 17h00], David Domingues, from Octant Praia Verde [May 28, 18h00], and Luís Brito [May 28, 16h30], Michelin star chef, will present new dishes made with lamb and Churra ewe, breeds produced organically by a young farmer in the territory

Also noteworthy is the Ronquear do Atum, on May 26, at 19h30, during which the Confraria do Atum de Vila Real de Santo António will demonstrate how to clean and prepare a tuna fish.

There will also be a presentation and tasting of SENESCAL Brewery craft beer [May 27, 19h00] and «Lábios Nus» wine [May 28, 17h30], two prestigious Algarve brands on the rise.

Goat cheese will obviously be one of the highlights of this fair. There will be plenty to taste and a «Maior Queijo de Cabra de Raça Algarvia» (Biggest Algarvian Breed Goat Cheese) competition, on May 27, at 18h30. During the challenge, created by the municipality of Castro Marim and executed by ANCCRAL (National Association of Algarve Goat Breeders), a giant fresh goat cheese weighing approximately 40 kg and measuring 80 cm in diameter will be made using around 170 litres of milk.

Goat cheese Terra Maio

Entertainment is another essential part of the event. In addition to the main concerts that will enliven the Terra de Maio evenings, the days will feature many experiences and activities for visitors of all ages. From making artisanal cheese to experiencing the art of milking and even horse riding, Terra de Maio offers diverse activities reflecting the region’s values.

National musical acts will take the stage during the three-day event. On May 26, at 21h30, the music group De Moda em Moda will perform Cante Alentejano, traditional Alentejo song recognised as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2014. This popular manifestation, characteristic of the district of Beja in the Baixo Alentejo, boasts a special connection with this part of the Algarve mountains, sharing the land’s traditions, uses and customs.

On May 27, Saturday, at 22h00, the Irmãos Verdades, renowned for their zouk and kizomba rhythms, will set the mood with great hits such as “Yolanda” or “Isabella”. And on the last night, at 19h00, the famous Portuguese singer TOY will put on a show.

On Saturday, the morning will be dedicated to a seminar making essential contributions to Animal Health Law, Beekeeping and rainfed crops, among other subjects. Participants will include the Directorate-General for Food and Veterinary Medicine, the Regional Directorate for Agriculture and Fisheries of the Algarve and the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests.

The winners of the Algarve Goat Competition, featuring ten breeders in this edition, will be revealed during the seminar.


Motorcycle lovers will enjoy the 4th Motorcycle Meeting, leaving from Largo do Mercado and organised by the Associação Recreativa e Cultural do Azinhal, on May 28 at 09h00. On the same morning, there will also be a walk open to all participants, starting from Casa do Povo do Azinhal.

As for exhibitions, this year, the «Indigenous Breeds: Cabra de Raça Algarvia; Churra sheep and Algarvian cow» show will also feature a Shepherd Dogs exhibition.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to visit the «Voz do Guadiana» exhibition and the Cheese Factory at the Centro Multiusos, which is in permanent operation.

Known as the Feira da Cabra, Terra de Maio (Goast Fair, Land of May), all of the event’s attractions and multifaceted approaches strive to promote local and regional products resulting from activities related to agriculture and livestock, as well as the activities themselves. It also aims to increase the sales volume of participating producers through direct marketing.