Tension escalates between bullfighting fans and protestors in Albufeira

Albufeira’s anti-bullfighting protestors are preparing for their final demonstration of the year on Friday (October 27) at a time when tension between those who support and those who oppose the so-called ‘spectacle of tradition’ is at an “all-time high”.

Protestors even feared they were being “shot at” during last week’s protest when someone from inside the town’s bullring threw a firecracker at the group.

Activists have filed a complaint with police but fear that their peaceful protests may lead to more violent outbursts from bullfighting fans.

“These are the kind of things we are facing,” says Mónica Gaspar, one of the members of the Cidade de Albufeira Anti-Touradas (CAAT) group.

Police protection was once again requested for this week’s protest.

“We want to have some protection because our group comprises mostly of women and children.”

She asks anyone who also opposes bullfighting to show up and support the cause.

“You can appear between 5pm and 9pm; it doesn’t matter when you show up. We just want people to support us. Even if it is just for 10 minutes, come join our protest against this barbarity.”

On its Facebook page, the anti-bullfighting group stresses that its protests are peaceful. “This a protest against practices and not against people.”

Friday’s bullfight will be the last of the year at Albufeira’s bullring, and protestors hope it will also be their “last demonstration ever”.

“It would be a sign that the bullfights have ended once and for all”.

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