Tennis, golf and other outdoor sports banned during lockdown

Playing tennis, golf and most outdoor sports is not allowed under the latest State of Emergency rules which came into force on Wednesday (January 20).

These latest restrictions on sports have been enforced by the government in an attempt to halt increasing Covid-19 cases which are putting tremendous pressure on the national health service (SNS).

However, there are exceptions. Only professional sport is allowed to continue.

In other words, golf courses, tennis courts, football fields, shooting ranges, pools and other sports venues should all be closed except when being used by professional and “high-performance” athletes and teams.

The Portuguese Golf Federation (FPG) said in a statement that all golf courses were expected to close on Wednesday due to the new rules, while the Portuguese Federation of Tennis (FPT) said all indoor and outdoor tennis and paddles courts will also close “with the exception of when they are used for training and competitions of high-performance athletes and national teams”.

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