Lagos Harbour

Tender launched for vital dredging work at Lagos harbour

Following a call for action from the local council last month, the Portuguese government has announced that it has launched a public tender for vital dredging work at the entrance of Lagos harbour.

The government will invest €413,000 in the project. The plan is to remove around 79,000m3 of sand from the harbour in three months.

In a statement put out last month, Lagos council said that the harbour is so silted up with sand that it is nearly impossible to navigate safely. Said the council, the situation has caused “serious inconvenience” and has only been worsening (click here).

The works in Lagos will be part of a larger scheme which will see the government investing a total of €2 million in dredging works in Peniche, Vila do Conde, Póvoa de Varzim and Lagos.

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