Fire in Monchique

Fifteen water-carrying aircraft battle new blaze in Monchique

Fire broke out just before 3pm; brought under resolution in four hours (see update) 

Fifteen water carrying planes and helicopters are battling a blaze that broke out mid-afternoon in the Picota region of Monchique – an area badly affected by the fires of 2018.

Right now (5.30pm), over 300 firefighters are on the ground, backed by sundry appliances.

The blaze is in an area of eucalyptus forest and scrubland. No word yet on properties/ homes that may be under threat, but people are being ‘evacuated’ from an area above Corte Grande, according to the forest fire alert facebook page.

Picture taken by reader PETER WEAVER from about 300/400 metres north of the Picota fire at about 3.05pm/3.10pm

The above photo was uploaded onto the page. From the west, three plumes of white smoke were visible around 4.40pm, suggesting water discharges from above may be succeeding.

7pm: Fire brought under resolution: next few hours, with the wind conditions as they are, will be crucial. Nine aircraft still working, along with 343 firefighters and 104 appliances.