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Ten Things I Hate About Me


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Ten Things I Hate About Me is the second novel from Randa Abdel-Fattah, author of last year’s acclaimed Does My Head Look Big In This?

Aimed at a teenage audience, Abdel-Fattah tackles the theme of being a teenager with an ethnic background growing up in Australia. Her heroine, Jamie, is a teenage girl from Sydney who lives two lives: in the outside world she is Jamie, a bottle-blonde with an apparently Anglo Aussie background but at home she is Jamilah, a Lebanese-Muslim who is proud of her cultural identity.

Life appears to be looking up for Jamie when the most popular boy in school begins to show an interest in her, she gets an after-school job and makes an email friend.

However, her fate as a social outcast appears sealed when her father’s Stone Age Charter of Curfew Rights threatens to prevent her attending the much-anticipated school dance and her Arabic band is hired to play at the formal.

Ten Things I Hate About Me is available in paperback at 11 euros.