Ten injured in new accident blighting “motorway alternative” IC1

As the traditional pilgrimage of national holidaymakers makes its way to the Algarve, the IC1 highway – used by so many to avoid the tolled A2 motorway – has been the scene of another horrific pile-up, this time involving the cars of three incoming and out-going batches of holidaymakers and two trucks.

In total, 10 people were injured in the crash that took place shortly before 5pm yesterday near Ourique.

Calling the accident “another bloodbath”, tabloid Correio da Manhã explained it involved victims from the ages of 14 to 67, and saw two people seriously injured, five not so badly hurt and three only requiring medical assistance at the scene.

Police are investigating the causes of the crash which closed down that section of the Algarve-Lisbon highway for the best part of four hours.

As CM points out, the IC1 is being used more and more as an “alternative” to the A2, with traffic flow increasing even further during traditional holiday months.

With August still one day away, and the great holiday “escape to the Algarve” on thousands of household agendas, the hope is that accidents this year can be kept to a minimum.

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