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Ten Days in the Hills


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Ten Days in the Hills by Jane Smiley is out in paperback at 13.50 euros.

This big, clever and bawdy novel from the Pulitzer Prize winner tells a tale of love and war, sex and politics, friendship and betrayal.

It is the morning after the 2003 Academy Awards. Max, an Oscar winning writer/director whose fame has waned, and his lover, Elena, luxuriate in bed, still groggy from last night’s red carpet festivities.

Soon their house will be full of guests that demand attention. There is Max’s ex-wife, Zoe Cunningham, a dazzling half-Jamaican movie star with her new lover, Paul.

Max’s agent, Stoney, can’t stay away and neither can Zoe and Max’s daughter, Isabel, though she would prefer to maintain her hard won independence.

And of course there is the next door neighbour, Cassie, who seems to know everyone’s secrets.

As the events progress, the tension mounts and sparks fly.

Smiley delivers an exquisitely woven work, rich in characters and spiked with her signature wit. She is the author of more than 10 novels and is perhaps best-known for A Thousand Acres, for which she won the Pullitzer Prize.