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Douglas Kennedy’s book, Temptation, is set in Hollywood, which is a world he knows well. David Armitage is a middle-aged screenwriter, who spends years toiling away in the backwaters, with his failing actor wife playing breadwinner in their one-child family.

Like all would-be Hollywood screenwriters, he wants to be rich and famous. But, for the past 11 years, he has tasted nothing but failure. Then, out of nowhere, luck comes his way, when one of his scripts is bought for television.

As a new player in Tinsel Town, he dumps his wife for a young producer but David’s upward mobility takes a decidedly strange turn when a billionaire film buff, named Philip Fleck, barges into his life. Will it end well?

Douglas Kennedy is one of the bestselling novelists in Europe and has been very popular in the wake of his other novels, including The Pursuit of Happiness, A Special Relationship and State of the Union, all of which were bestsellers. His new novel is priced at 12.50 euros.