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Temporary families for animals

By Cristina Rodrigues

When we find a homeless animal, the greatest concern is always where should we take it. To feed and to water an animal once is easy but what happens after this and how do we give the protection that this animal needs?

There are many empty houses, gardens and plots of land, but few are available or exist to be able receive a homeless animal.

It would be good to have a shelter in each big city however, in the places where a shelter such as this does not exist, such as Tavira, it is essential to have temporary families – people who take care of an animal until it is adopted.

Many factors hinder more families from being available to offer shelter and one of these factors is simple indifference. We try to fight against it every day.

Another concern is about responsibilities and cost.  However, this should not concern people as we are responsible for the animals and only need a place for them to live.

Another question is the love that is created between the animal and the temporary family. People  usually ask: “And later how will I be able to take it to another home? And what if nobody else wants it?”

It is true that we don’t have the formula to disconnect the heart nor to make another family appear, but we believe that we must live one day at a time.

The main priority is to take the animal off the streets. If the choice is between suffering and going into a house, the second option is best.

Happily, the number of temporary families has increased. We have people to take care of puppies and kittens, and when they are adopted they are substituted by others.

But we appeal to people to open their hearts to take in adult animals. There are many who need aid -and they also deserve to be happy.

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