Temperatures rise in coming days, with rain and dust from North Africa expected on Carnival Tuesday

IPMA forecasts maximum temperatures between 17ºC and 24ºC.

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) forecasts showers from today until Carnival Tuesday, maximum temperatures between 17ºC and 24ºC and dust from North Africa.

According to the IPMA, until Tuesday, the weather in mainland Portugal will be conditioned by a depression centred southwest of the Iberian Peninsula.

Due to the depression, North African dust suspended in the atmosphere is expected over the continent. It should be of low concentration but may increase temporarily between the end of the day on Saturday and Sunday.

Today, there will be showers in the southern region which may extend to the central region from the afternoon onwards. On Sunday, showers will be weak and infrequent, increasing again on Monday and Tuesday.

As for temperatures, the IPMA indicates they will suffer slight variations, with minimums between 8ºC and 13ºC on the coast and between 6ºC and 9ºC inland. Temperatures will be slightly lower, between 3ºC and 6ºC, in the interior North and Beira Alta.

Maximum temperatures will be higher than usual for this time of year, between 17ºC and 24ºC in most of the mainland.

The wind will be light to moderate, blowing moderate to strong in the Algarve on Saturday and in the highlands, especially in the Centre and South regions.

The IPMA also predicts maritime agitation, with waves from the southeast on the south coast of the Algarve measuring 1 to 2 metres.