Teleworking may become mandatory again, if pandemic worsens

Portugal’s Minister of Employment, Solidarity and Social Security said today that teleworking “may become mandatory again” if the country’s Covid-19 cases continue to increase.

SIC reported this morning that specialists agree that Portugal is entering the “fifth wave of the pandemic”. and data revealed by health authorities shows that case numbers and hospitalisation are on the rise since the start of November.

The number of new cases in Portugal has topped the 1,000-mark throughout the last six days and, as other countries in Europe begin to implement harsher measures to stop the rise of new cases in its tracks, Portugal may be following in their footsteps sooner rather than later.

“As always, we are evaluating and implementing the measures that are necessary at each moment. That has been how we have acted all along, in constant dialogue and with the indications we have received from health authorities based on risk levels,” Ana Mendes Godinho told reporters today in Lisbon.

The government is already planning a meeting with experts soon to determine what action needs to be taken to “save” Christmas (click here).

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