Telephone fraudsters pose as Water Board staff

Just as PJ police issue a warning over fraudulent Microsoft scammers (, Portugal’s water authority Águas de Portugal has issued a nationwide alert over “fake employees” who target homes on the pretext that they need to run tests on tap water.

According to TVI24, the “foot-in-the-door” starts with someone purporting to work for Águas de Portugal phoning householders to make an appointment.

The “foot-in-the-door” gives the fraudsters time to push products, most of them connected in some way towards water treatment.

This far the ‘attack’ has come in the central districts around Lisbon, Setúbal, Santarém and Leiria.

Águas de Portugal guarantees that its staff “never take water samples inside people’s homes” and would always “properly identify themselves” if they knocked on people’s doors.

Thus the warning is that householders should check credentials very carefully and allow no-one in on the basis that the visit is a “routine check to verify water quality”.

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