Teen stabs parents after being kicked out of home

An 18-year-old has been arrested after stabbing his parents with a kitchen knife when they tried to kick him out of their Vilamoura home.

According to Correio da Manhã tabloid, the young man and his parents got into a heated argument on Friday night (October 6).

The father apparently “lost his patience” when the young man threatened his mother, and grabbed his son’s belongings and put them at the door.

When he was told to leave, the son grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed his father and then his mother both in the chest and stomach.

Police were called by worried neighbours and arrested the young man, while his parents were taken to Faro Hospital sustaining “serious injuries”.

According to CM, the 48-year-old father has since been released and the mother, 46, is still in hospital but stable.

The family lives in Volta das Piteiras, a residential area near the road that links Vilamoura to the EN125. Many of the houses in the area are either second homes or rented out.

CM wrote that the man was prone to “mood swings which often made him aggressive”, though the reasons behind Friday’s argument are unknown.

PJ police are investigating.

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