Teen arrested in Peniche over murder of sister

A 16-year-old girl has been arrested over the disappearance almost a month ago of her elder sister from the home both shared with their father in Peniche. The sister’s body was discovered yesterday, buried on land only metres from the house. The youngster “ended up confessing having murdered the sister” after the body was found. The story given was that she stabbed the sister over disagreements about a mobile phone, reports SIC Notícias – adding that searches for the missing girl only began in earnest very recently. All reports stress that the murdered young woman measured only a 1.5 metres, and therefore it would not have been difficult for her younger, but taller, sister to have carried the body. As this story has developed in the media, the ‘family details’ have emerged. Both girls were living in extreme poverty with an alcoholic, physically unwell father. The victim clearly suffered from some form of syndrome, while her sister has been described as a problematic adolescent who “lived in a world of monsters – a dark world that no-one else could enter” (this being a quote from one of the girl’s teachers).