Teatro do Campo raises funds for NECI

Aljezur’s Teatro do Campo Group recently donated €200 to the NECI Charity in Montinhos da Luz after raising the cash through a variety show at the local Adega da Craveira.

NECI (Núcleo de Educação da Crianca Inadaptada) helps children and adults with physical and mental difficulties.

Leni Eves from Teatro do Campo said: “We felt this charity deserved our support. Some of the people working there have been unpaid volunteers for many years, and whilst there is some funding coming in from the Social Security, any extra donations enable those in need to enjoy a more varied and richer experience of life.”

NECI has launched a fundraising appeal for equipment for its new residential centre, providing accommodation for 24 people, which is a lifeline for the future. Donations are needed to complete the project. Leni Eves said: “Our lasting impression of NECI was the love that was present there. The staff are not only their teachers but also their carers and their family.”

To know more about NECI, please visit www.en.neci.pt