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Teams praised for their efforts

Portugal’s Secretary of State for Civil Protection praised the work of the Algarve Civil Protection teams during the summer, especially with regard to fire prevention.

In Faro to begin a series of meetings throughout the country with representatives of the Civil Protection, Vasco Franco aims to evaluate the results, effectiveness and gaps in actions taken during the summer.

“The Algarve has presented positive results over the last few years and I think it is worth reflecting on the reasons for this achievement. The region is an example for other districts in the country,” said Vasco Franco.

He also acknowledged that the Portuguese Armed Forces were an important asset for monitoring the forests, especially in the Monchique hills.

Faro Civil Governor Isilda Gomes appealed to the Minister of Defence Augusto Santos Silva for the involvement of the Armed Forces in forest surveillance to be strengthened in the region for the upcoming years.

She also expressed her conviction that the region will soon be heavily equipped to fight urban and forest fire.

“We applied for the QREN programme, which will enable an investment of five million Euros for the acquisition of 34 new vehicles and other equipment for fire prevention,” she said.

“This will revolutionise our readiness to combat fires.”

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