Team players…Not!

Dear Editor,

Your article on the crackdown on UK food stores (Algarve Resident, July 10) infuriates me. Has anyone checked on the EU legalities of the actions of the ASAE?

This country gives little help to UK residents and prints little of their official documents in English, never mind a poor understanding of the language in the first place.

We’ve all tried paying bills in official departments where no one speaks English. I’m sure we’ve all given up, as I have, in trying to talk to the tax department or IVA department and try calling most state-run businesses and many private companies – no English spoken.

If this country wants to get ahead, it’s going to have to honour its commitments to the EU it signed up to in 1986: ‘We all agree to speak a common language, English’.

The sooner they learn that they are team players now, with 27 other players, the sooner we’ll get along. And the sooner they have English translations on all the food they sell in Modelo/ Lidl etc. the sooner I’ll buy it.

Graham Cockroft

By email