More than 80% of ‘missing teachers’ placed “without specific qualifications for subject”
Portugal's education minister João Costa (right): Image: Miguel A. Lopes/ Lusa

Teachers unions announce national strike for November 2

Strike to coincide with speech in parliament of education minister

Portugal’s teachers’ unions have announced a national strike for 2 November, in protest to the government’s perceived lack of investment in education, as set out in the draft state budget for 2023.

The National Teachers’ Federation (Fenprof), the National Federation of Education (FNE), the National and Democratic Teachers’ Union (SINDEP), the Union of Graduated Teachers (ASPL) and the National Union of Graduated Teachers from Polytechnics and Universities (SPLIU), among other syndical platforms, are demanding upgrades to teaching careers, combat of ‘precariousness’, and action to foster rejuvenation of the sector.

According to the various union organisations November 2 was chosen to coincide with a planned address by the minister of education, João Costa, in Parliament, in defence of the government’s budget proposal for the sector next year.

It also neatly coincides with a Bank Holiday (on November 1).

A wider statement to the media has been promised later today from general secretary of Fenprof, Mário Nogueira.

source: LUSA