Teachers on Strike
The tragedy of this strike is that teachers have felt 'unrespected' and treated like numbers since the time of the troika. Image: Fenprof

Teachers union threatens to “give government a lesson”

After the appeal by S.T.O.P. (syndicate of all teachers) for President Marcelo to intervene, further protests and school closures are blighting the country today, with the message coming through that teachers are nowhere near ‘giving in’. FENPROF (teachers’ federation) has vowed that it and various syndicates are committed to their ongoing strike, scheduled to continue, in rotating areas, until February 9 “to give the government a lesson”, either it “respects teachers and dignifies the profession, or the struggle will continue”, says FENPROF secretary-general Mário Nogueira, “because no one is going to stop a wave like this, and we will continue helping the wave grow…”