Teachers Camping outside parliament
Camping outside parliament until tomorrow: Image: MANUEL DE ALMEIDA/LUSA

Teachers mounting vigil outside parliament “accuse government of forcing school to sleep in street”

In a new lament, teachers who chose freely to take part in a vigil outside parliament until Tuesday, have now complained that the government has “forced the school to sleep in the street”. Lusa has highlighted this latest tactic by S.T.O.P to try and shame the government into accepting teachers’ long-held demands, interviewing one teacher who said he was a little cold as he had packed light. The Physics/ chemistry teacher had brought various tests from 8º and 9º year pupils onto the picket line with him (meaning into his tent) and told the State news agency that he had wanted to correct them all, but he had “only managed to correct five”. Lusa interviewed a number of other teachers, all outlining teachers’ miserable existences.