Teacher denies “sexual relationship” with 15-year-old

Liliana Costa – the 34-year-old chemistry teacher suspended two weeks ago for allegedly maintaining a “sexual relationship” with a 15-year-old student – has denied the claim, saying she has been the victim of a “conservative” school board and may even sue the government.

“The insinuation is ridiculous,” she told Jornal de Notícias. “I didn’t even have a very close relationship with the boy.”

Costa, who taught at Escola Gonçalo Sampaio in Póvoa de Lanhoso, admits the youngster has her phone number and that she had given him rides home, but guarantees that she did the same for many other students.

“Whenever they asked me for a ride and I was able to, I would,” she said.

According to Costa, the school board “just doesn’t understand” her approach to teaching.

“Having a close relationship with students helps their motivation,” Costa said, adding that sometimes she’d even give up her free time to go into school and give students extra classes.

Although she admits she is “very sad” about the scandal, the teacher says she has received support from many of her students’ parents.

Costa’s lawyers are now trying to cancel her suspension, and will then attempt to sue the government.

The teacher says any money she may receive as compensation will be used for “educational purposes”.

Student also denies claims
Meantime, the 15-year-old student has also denied ever having had sex with his teacher.

“They made up the story to fire her, but I never dated her. We were and still are nothing more than friends,” he told JN.