Taxi! Perhaps not …

A police operation last week found taxi drivers in Lisbon to be under the influence of drugs, over the limit on alcohol and guilty of “trying to deceive clients over fare charges”.
The shock findings came during “Operation Bombocas” at Lisbon airport. Ten taxi drivers have now found themselves up before the beak and the majority risk losing their licences to operate.
Reporting the story, Correio da Manhã said the six drivers found under the influence of drugs face not only losing their professional certificates but their driving licences as well. They could also be fined heavily and sent to prison.
The two drivers found trying to hoodwink passengers over fare tariffs also face up to three years in jail for “the crime of speculation”.
In addition to the 10 taken to court, another 37 drivers were fined for other infractions.
Operation Bombocas, which inspected 212 taxis, took place last Thursday between 6am and 11pm.