Taxi ‘lifeline’ saves Lisbon cabbie from night of terror

The “Táxi Seguro” system installed in Lisbon cabs foiled a night terror over the weekend when a client held a driver at knifepoint, forcing him to drive from Rossio to Amadora. Actioning the system meant the cab was tracked by PSP agents via GPS. Once they approached the vehicle, the driver flashed his lights to show he was the cab in distress. Police tackled the knife-wielder who was taken into custody.

The night of terror began after the so-called client claimed only to have €10 on him, which would not have paid for the trip.

He then pulled the knife and held it to the neck of his driver for “around 20 minutes” as the man drove where he was told.

The client had no idea that his victim had actioned “Táxi Seguro” – a system run jointly by Vodafone Foundation Portugal and the Public Ministry – which connects to the PSP, allowing agents real-time ‘access’, including the ability to hear what is going on in the vehicle.

Police caught up with the cab at the Dolce Vita Tejo roundabout, reports Correio da Manhã – adding that the “client” was found to have had four €20 notes hidden in his shoes.

The Táxi Seguro system operates in Lisbon and Porto.

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