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Tax, tax and no more than tax

Dear Editor,

With much dismay I continue to read in your pages that you publish nothing more than English expats’ concerns on tax, tax and no more than tax.

The British economy has for far too long  banked on the Financial Sector with methods which smack of utmost rabid capitalism. Everyone knows that.

Your articles are about no more than that. Except for complaints by English expats about every aspect of the Portuguese society – from food to the language – and, of course complaints about taxes, those imposed on roads and on their savings as expats.  

If such expats have no more in mind other than find a safe haven for their savings, may I suggest they try Lichtenstein? Switzerland is no longer such a haven, as we all know.

The offshore tax havens are also not immune from international overseers, nor from the German fiscal authorities working with Switzerland. Tax evaders are being caught by the day.

May I suggest that the Algarve Resident develop a page for comments by readers? I comment on top Portuguese newspaper articles daily, which they publish.

If Portugal is to emerge from this crisis, I wish, as a Portuguese, that such has nothing to do with expats. They have nothing to contribute to Portugal. Should they seek tax havens, the Caribbean Islands are, perhaps, still to have. But no longer without penalty. The OECD is keeping watch.

Maria Valentina Umer, Germany

Editor’s note: Dear Maria, thank you for your comments even if I disagree with them. The Algarve Resident has had, since its inception 23 years ago, a section dedicated to letters/views from readers. If you follow our work online, you will find a section called ‘Letters’.