Alexandra Reis
Alexandra Reis' €500,000 golden handshake (essentially given because she and TAP CEO did not see eye to eye) may well have to be repaid, at least in part, says reports. Image: Tiago Petinga/ Lusa

Tax inspectorate confirms “irregularities” in TAP golden handshake that toppled minister

IGF, the general inspectorate of finances, has confirmed that the golden handshake, paid by TAP,  that set off a chain reaction of government resignations last month “presented strong irregularities”. In other words, there is every likelihood that the former secretary of state who received the payment will have to pay part of it ‘back’. A lot more will come clear following the parliamentary inquiry that has opened into this hugely embarrassing affair and seeks to question particularly the minister who said he knew nothing about the handshake, only later to admit that he had authorised it, via Whatsapp