Tax authority says “it’s not worth investigating” Swissleaks revelations

Swissleaks – the journalistic investigation into tax evasion on a gigantic scale, aided by British multinational HSBC – promised to blow the whistle on as many as 600 rich Portuguese who between them had snaffled away almost one billion euros.

But four years on, the AT tax authority has said “it’s not worth investigating” as too many of the ‘culprits’ have managed to evade prosecution by taking up tax amnesties introduced in the days of former prime ministers José Sócrates (PS) and Passos Coelho (PSD).

This outcome was hinted at exactly a year ago (click here).

But there has been some joy on the taxman’s horizon: another ‘investigation’ known as Malta Files has seen around nine million ‘recovered’, and despite all the howls from the industry itself, quite a number of transgressions have been detected in the footballing world.

Says Dinheiro Vivo, the tax department concluded the year with 30 cases involving clubs, players and sports promoters which originated in “corrections” to income declarations in respect of IVA and IRC that brought in “close to four million euros”.

AT inspectors also “identified indications of the practice of fraudulent operations, which are currently protected by secrecy of justice”.

Despite the relatively low amounts (of money involved), fiscal authorities continue to “give attention to football”, says DV, “bearing in mind the sums paid for player transfers, the respective commissions that go to intermediaries, and income for image rights”.

This seems to be in line with criticisms recently made by former euro MP Ana Gomes (click here).

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