Tax authorities go “undercover”

News on the street is that tax inspectors are now planning ‘undercover’ attacks.
“What if the anonymous client who asks you for a receipt is a tax inspector gathering evidence?” asks Jornal de Notícias this week.
Legislation is now in place giving tax inspectors this power, says the paper, and they’re setting their sights on illegal holiday rental homes. Inspectors may act as ‘clients’ enquiring about a property advertised as a holiday rental home to find out if it is abiding by the ‘Alojamento Local’ (local lodging) regime.
The plan follows last week’s crackdown on businesses still using ‘outlawed’ software programmes for the issuing of receipts.
The “Fatura Suspensa” attack (reported in last week’s Resident) is reported to have ‘uncovered 860 cases of fraud’, and tax authorities are now on a roll.
According to Correio da Manhã, car repair workshops are now in their sights as well.