Tavira’s library hosts talk on the EU and Brexit

Graham Chambers will be presenting a talk on “The EU and Brexit” on Monday, May 30 in Tavira’s municipal library at 6pm.

As the Brexit referendum looms, the lack of knowledge of the issues involved is striking. But perhaps not surprising because the institution of the EU is as complex and misunderstood as the Holy Roman Empire.

The EU is not easy to understand even for those such as Graham himself, who for 33 years worked as a member of the European Parliament Secretariat and for a number of years managed its Science and Technology Options department. He also dealt with its correspondence with the public unit.

During that time he spoke to many hundreds of groups of visitors. He earned a reputation for distilling esoteric and complex issues into explanations which most people could understand.

Graham says that he has no axe to grind. He has Luxembourg nationality, and has now retired and lives in Portugal. As a result, the outcome of the referendum will not affect him at all.

In this talk, Graham will discuss the main issues and the possible consequences for Britons and for the EU itself.

By Lynne Booker
[email protected]