Tavira turmoil

Dear Editor,

I have read the excellent articles by Hans Hoogerdijk and could not agree more with his views. If only people were less greedy, the world would be a better place. Two years ago, I moved to the Eastern Algarve from Lagos for peace and tranquility in the hills above Santa Catarina but we are now faced with the prospect of being invaded by not only a wind farm (supposedly to improve the carbon footprint) but pylons to  convey electricity from Spain for the tourist industry on the coast.  

No one is concerned about the residents of this area who will lose everything they moved here for. Local estate agents predict that if this goes ahead, the best we can hope for is that our properties will be worth 50 per cent less and at worst will be unsaleable.

This countryside is rich in wildlife, eagles, wild boar and birds of many varieties. The disruption when these projects are in progress will be enormous and the effect on the wild life cannot be quantified.

We are a small community of families who enjoy living in Portugal. We pay our taxes, use the local amenities and trades people. I know we are not alone in fighting against pylons in the countryside, and other areas of the Algarve have had the same problems – no one will listen to us!

BRIAN CARRIGAN, Santa Catarina, Tavira