Tavira resident continues to test positive for Covid-19 after four months

A woman living in Tavira has been testing positive for Covid-19 for four months, making her the longest-running case in Portugal. Her husband and her children, who she can only see through a glass window, have even had to move out of their house to avoid becoming infected as well.

Tânia Poço, 31, started experiencing her first symptoms on March 12 after returning from a trip to France.

She was admitted to Faro Hospital shortly after where she remained until March 24.

“I thought I would complete a 14-day isolation period and everything would be fine, but that did not happen,” she told Rádio Renascença.

“I haven’t had symptoms since the start of April, but I continue to test positive,” said Poço.

On Monday she was tested for the 15th time, with the results due to return today.

Even if the results are negative, she will have to carry out a second test to be sure.

“Doctors keep telling me that I have to stay calm and patient and that I won’t stay like this forever. Last week, I did some blood tests and everything’s okay, my organs are working well,” Poço told RR.

Desperate for answers as to why her recovery is taking so long, she contacted the National Health Institute Dr. Ricardo Jorge which so far has yet to respond.
The worst part of the whole situation is self-isolating for so long, she said.

“My husband and my children had to move out so that I could stay here and I have been alone ever since. I see them through a window and my husband does my shopping for me, as I don’t leave the house, not even for the tests,” Poço said.

She is also concerned about her job at a printing company in Tavira, although luckily she is “great friends” with her bosses and believes she will be able to “continue where I left off”.