Tavira resident compiles photo archive for Câmara

news: Tavira resident compiles photo archive for Câmara

TAVIRA IS well known for its elegant buildings and unspoiled charm, and thisis one of the reasons why photographer, Jane Gibbin, a Tavira resident, has decided to compile a photographic archive of all the old buildings and architectural features of the city.

“In order to fund this important but time consuming project, I have produced some art work items such as bookmarks and posters of the Portas da Tavira, doors of Tavira. It gives a chance for people to have something unique,” comments Jane.

Jane has received much support and encouragement from the president of Tavira Câmara, Macario Correia, who believes that this project could supplement the current work being carried out by the Câmara, to preserve the historical ambiance that its residents and tourists have grown accustomed to.

The posters and bookmarks are hoped to soon be seen around town in various câmara supported initiatives, and are currently available at the A Lura dos Livrosbook shop, at 16, Rua Poeta Emiliano da Costa, in Tavira. They are also available from the Annual Tavira Book Fair in the Jardin do Coreto that continues until August 2.