Tavira maritime association launches bid to warn schoolchildren over looming oil threat

In the face of eerie silence from every one of the Algarve’s mayors following news that the government has no intention of halting gas and oil exploration planned for Portugal’s coastline, Tavira maritime heritage association Lais de Guia is taking matters into its own hands.

This week (tomorrow Wednesday May 17) and next (Thursday May 25) members will be visiting local primary schools in a bid to explain the consequences of what lies ahead to six to 10 year-olds.

Said secretary of the association, Paulo Viegas in an email sent out in the early hours of Tuesday morning, Lais de Guia wants upcoming generations to “build their own opinion”.

He said the issue is “mostly ‘a grown-up thing’ but people tend to forget that children are the ones who will be suffering.

“I am writing this email because your readers may be interested to see there are things being done to try and prevent gas and oil exploration from happening, or at least prepare the population for coming events”.

Lais de Guia’s “O meu mar é azul… e o teu?” (My sea is blue… what about yours?) comes just as other anti-oil groups are mobilising to call a halt on plans they fear will be the undoing of the country on multiple levels (click here).

For further information on Lais de Guia’s schools intervention, For further information on Lais de Guia’s schools intervention, contact the association via its Facebook page.

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