Cat Shelter Tavira

Tavira installs four cat shelters

More shelters are set to be installed this year.

The municipality of Tavira installed the first standardised enclosure for cat colonies, consisting of four shelters.

This measure aims to facilitate the population control of wild and feral cats that live on the street, allowing a more efficient application of the CED (Capture – Sterilisation – Return) programme so that the number of cats does not grow uncontrollably.

The Municipality of Tavira has carried out the CED Programme over the years, in which cats are sterilised, vaccinated, chipped, and treated by identified informal caregivers.

Caregivers signal the emergence of new animals for the programme’s application and when veterinary medical care is needed.

The placement of these shelters enhances the positive aspects of the CED programme and improves the conditions in which wild and feral cats live.

This is one of the measures of the Municipal Plan for the Welfare and Animal Protection of Tavira. For this year, it foresees the placement of such structures in another 17 colonies in different municipal parishes.