Tavira fire

Dear Editor,

How can everyone still be going on about the tolls? They are not really so important. Don’t you understand that the people of the Serra behind Tavira and São Brás – Portuguese and foreigners alike – have lost nearly EVERYTHING to a fire caused by your greed.

Certainly everything worth having… Hardly any of you will have bothered to drive into the Serra (or walk as you would have had to do until quite recently). You remain cocooned in your arrogance,  in the pathetic excuse for a life within Vale do Lobo or Quinta do Lago – or worse – with stupidly expensive houses cheek by jowl, supposedly part of the ‘protected’ Algarve.

You will have no idea about the price that the Serra has paid on your behalf. The irony is that we, who care about Portugal, have already lost the things that mattered – to pylons and wind farms – needed to supply you with electricity.

It was, allegedly, the spark from a welder putting together a 100m wind turbine which caused this fire. Did any of you ever think about the cost of your lifestyle?

There have been people living in these hills for thousands of years, CARING for the land – but it has only taken 20 years of idiocy for total destruction – with a fire to finish things off nicely.

The best restaurant in the Algarve, if you have any sense, is Mesa do Cume, Alcaria de Cume – run by a charming and dedicated Dutch couple. It has now closed, according to the website. The high tension lines, coupled with this fire,  has been too much…

Melissa Vero

By email