Tavira fire mystery solved

In last week’s edition we reported that this summer’s biggest fire of the season so far had broken out in Fonte Salgada on the outskirts of Tavira. It was fought by hundreds of bombeiros and two helicopters, which struggled to keep the fire under control. The Via do Infante motorway was closed several times during the three day blaze, forcing locals to take the EN125. Local residents’ livelihoods were also at risk while the blaze raged out of control due to strong winds.

Now, an official from Faro’s Polícia Judiciária (PJ) has announced that they have discovered the cause of the fire. It is believed that the blaze originated from sparks which a 50-year-old local man caused while he was soldering metal near his house. “He came forward and owned up to being responsible for the fire. He told us that he was soldering when he realised that a fire had broken out, but he couldn’t control it,” the official said.

Although 250 hectares were burnt in the fire, no one was hurt or left homeless, but Canudo Sena, from Faro Emergency Operations, said that the outcome could have been much worse.