Tavira elections

news: Tavira elections

CURRENT PRESIDENT of Tavira Câmara, Macário Correia, will stand again at the local elections this October, clearly hoping to enjoy another term in power at the Eastern Algarve council.

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) formalised his candidacy at the Tribunal Judicial recently, and Macário Correia was present at the proceedings, along with part of the new team he will present at the elections — Jean Pierre Rancher for leader of the municipal assembly, as well as the candidates for the presidency of the Juntas de Freguesia of Santiago and Santa Maria, who are Rui Amaro and Messias Joaquim Messias dos Santos, respectively.

Anastácio wants to combat isolation

FIALHO ANASTÁCIO, Socialist (PS) candidate for Tavira Câmara, has described his shock at conditions in the area of Cachopo.

Anastácio, who conducted a four-day visit of the area, noted grave economic hardship endured by the population and the total isolation of many elderly residents. He said it was necessary to increase, substantially, the level of investment in the serras of Tavira. He also questioned how 2.5 million euros, supposedly appropriated to help revitalise Cachopo, had been spent.

Anastácio criticised the policies of the present authority. “Very little, or virtually nothing, has been achieved during eight years of Social Democratic (PSD) rule,” he said. Anastácio pledged to combat isolation by improving road connections to coastal urban centres and promoting the creation of small and medium sized businesses. He also promised to provide free transport for old people travelling to health centres for treatment.