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Tavira celebrates

Today (Friday) is Tavira City Day and the celebrations get underway at 9.30am with the raising of the flags at the City Hall.

At midday, the new Estrada da Alcaria Fria tarmac road linking Alcaria do Cume and Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo will be officially opened.  

The five kilometres of tarmac road represent an investment of €1,500,000 and completes a major section of the road network in the mountainous interior.

Another road improvement scheme linking the towns of Santa Luzia and Tavira will be officially open at 5pm.

The €647,000 scheme has involved the widening of the carriageway as well as the creation of a new pedestrian walkway, a cycle lane, landscaping, seating, lighting and rubbish bins.

Tavira has organised a whole host of activities over the weekend including a pyrotechnic musical display on the River Gilão tomorrow (Saturday).

For full details, visit the new Information Office in Praça da República, by the old Roman Bridge, or visit www.cm-tavira.pt