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Tavira celebrates World Forest Day and World Water Day

FOR THE second consecutive year, as part of the commemorations for World Forest Day (March 21) and World Water Day (March 22), Tavira Câmara promoted several activities to raise environmental awareness among the local community at the Perímetro Florestal da Conceição (the edge of Conçeicão forest).

Around 900 young pupils from the borough’s schools took part in the activities which covered such topics as the problem of discarded rubbish in the forest, the scourge of forest fires, water pollution, the problem of abusive consumption of water and the preservation of endangered species.

As well as the educational games, there was a children’s theatre production based on various environmental themes, as well as a poster exhibition organised by the council. In addition, with the support of Núcleo Florestal do Algarve, various species of trees were planted to symbolise World Forest Day.  

The council hopes that by educating the youngest members of the community as to the importance of caring for the environment, it will contribute to the society being more ecologically minded in the future.