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Tavira beauty spot closed by council

Tavira Câmara has closed the popular Pego do Inferno waterfall and surrounding area due to vandalism and safety issues.

The council has taken the drastic action to safeguard the rich environmental area and ensure the safety of the public.

Situated 6kms north of Tavira and located partially on private land, the infrastructure of the Leisure Park, support facilities and signage information is in an advanced state of degradation and does not offer the minimum safety conditions for the public.

The Municipality of Tavira, in a statement, said: “We apologise for the inconvenience caused. It is our intention to develop a proposed redevelopment of the area, in conjunction with landowners and other public bodies involved.”

All road signs have been removed as well as the refreshment hut and picnic area at the entrance. Only last year considerable monies were spent on creating a tarmac approach road and two special parking areas. 

Meanwhile, Tavira Câmara is undertaking works to clean Ribeira da Assêca, between Pego do Inferno and Ponte de São Domingos, as part of its strategy to protect the natural resources in the council.

The works, which run until December, aim to help with the drainage of water and prevent flooding. The project is costing the Câmara nearly €60,000.

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