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Tatiana – a very special girl

By PAULO SILVESTRE [email protected]

Life is not always fair and when a child is born with cerebral palsy things can go from bad to worse for a family.

Tatiana Araújo was born with this condition but her mother Sónia Granadeiro has vowed never to give up on her child and always fight to provide her with a better future.

Sónia was pregnant with twin girls but complications led to one of the girls dying, which according to doctors led to Tatiana’s cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy is a terrible disease, a disorder of movement and posture due to a non-progressive damage or lesion to an immature brain.

Sónia Granadeiro told the Algarve Resident: “Tatiana’s is now 2 years and 7 months old, and her cerebral palsy affects her movement and brain activity. She cannot walk, grab things, keep her body in a steady position or speak.

“We are doing physical therapy and speech therapy at the Hospital of the Barlavento to see if Tatiana improves. She has shown some progress but much more work has to be done.”

Tatiana has two siblings, Diogo and Beatriz, and Sónia says they love and care for their sister.

“Her brother and sister are always playing with her and love her very much. Tatiana has all the love that she needs from the family.

“It is not easy to deal with a girl with this problem and I had to stop working to take care of her. She needs 24 hour attention due to her condition, which affects 80% of her physical and mental capacities. She understands what we say to her but she can’t answer back due to her condition,” said Sónia.

Next year Tatiana will go to a special school for children and people with cerebral palsy.

“I’m her mother and I will never give up Tatiana and I will always fight for her.”

Tatiana receives help from Lagoa Câmara social services, including monthly payments of a family allowance of €29, a disability allowance of €60, and a carer’s allowance of €80.

“We are very grateful for this support but it is not enough. For Tatiana to get treated we should receive support from the local Câmara and from the Government.

“We are hoping that Lagoa Câmara will supply a specially-adapted wheelchair for Tatiana, which would be very useful for transporting her since her current chair no longer serves because she is too big for it,” said Sónia.

“Tatiana needs many more treatments. We know that there is a rehabilitation clinic for these specific cases in Cuba but it is very expensive and we have no money to take Tatiana there. That was my dream but we have to have money to achieve it.”

Touched by Tatiana’s plight, Jenny Grainer, a local resident and Algarve Resident contributor, contacted Sónia and visited the family to find out more about Tatiana’s condition and how she could help the little girl.

“Jenny is very interested in Tatiana’s case. She is being very supportive and immediately offered to help in whatever way she could. I am so happy that Jenny is trying to help Tatiana. She has learned of the situation through the social services of Lagoa Câmara and promptly contacted me and came to visit Tatiana,” said Sónia.

In order to raise funds for Tatiana, Jenny has decided to put on a variety show on November 5.

“I just want Tatiana to be happy and I hope that someday I can see her walking to school. I thank from my heart to all people who have been helpful and are trying to help Tatiana. I hope this support can improve her future,” said Sónia.

If you would like to help Tatiana, donations can be made to her Caixa de Crédito Agrícola bank account, NIB number 0045 7060 40243528324 71.

For more information about the variety show, please contact Jenny Grainer on 963 518 184.