Tasty clams from the Ria Formosa

The riverside area of Vila Real de Santo António will this weekend see the first Bean Clams Festival (Festival da Conquiha) take place.

The event, which starts today (August 17), and continues tomorrow and Sunday, aims to introduce conquilhas of the Ria Formosa to those who have not yet tried this delicious seafood.  And for those already familiar with this type of clams, there will be cookery demonstrations showing that they are easily prepared and cooked in your own home.

During the festival, eight restaurants will participate by supplying varied clam dishes, offering an array of flavours through traditional Portuguese cooking.

In addition to the clams, the festival will also feature other seafood dishes such as arroz de berbigão (cockle rice) and espinheta de atum (tuna and potato stew).

To complete the festival atmosphere, live musical entertainment will be performed each day.

Entry to the event is free and doors will open at the area in front of the Capitania at 12pm until 2am.

All concerts and entertainment will begin at 9pm.