Tasca Algarvia represents Algarve at national food festival

Faro’s Tasca Algarvia restaurant is representing the Algarve at the National Gastronomy Festival, which started in Santarém last week and will go on until Sunday (November 1).

All kinds of regional delicacies are being served at the restaurant’s stand, including cataplana stews, shrimp and clam xarém (a type of chowder), razorclam rice, Algarve-style squid and many other typical dishes.

Visitors can also enjoy some of the Algarve’s delicious desserts, such as the Dom Rodrigo (egg threads with cinnamon) and carob pie.

“It is with great happiness that the Algarve is represented again at this festival, the oldest of its kind in Portugal,” said regional tourism boss Desidério Silva.

“Wine and food tourism is a strategic product for the region because, in a globalised world, tourists are increasingly looking for experiences based on local cultures,” he added.

Held for the 35th time, the Festival Nacional de Gastronomia is designed to showcase the best food made in Portugal. It is jointly organised by municipal company Viver Santarém and the Alentejo and Ribatejo tourism board.