TAP’s new bosses hint at €800 million in likely investment

Now a done-deal, TAP’s new bosses at the Gateway consortium have intimated they will channel as much as €800 million into the cash-strapped airline. “You can trust us,” Gateway’s minority shareholder, airline boss David Neeleman said in a speech aimed at assuring Portuguese people that their former national airline was in good hands. Fifty-three new planes are on the way, plus 20 new routes linking Portugal to Brazil and the US.

“This is a new chapter in the history of TAP,” he continued. “We are going to do everything to use our capital to buy new planes and treat people better.”

On-board flight attendance will become “the best in Europe”, he affirmed.

And as for TAP’s new name, it will be Landing Gateway.

Portugal is the best place for a gateway to Europe, he stressed, saying the government’s stipulation that buyers keep the airline’s hub in Lisbon for a minimum of 30 years was unnecessary.

“We could be here for 100! This is the best place, with the best people. We’re very excited,” he said.

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