Tapas Route 2013

By Sarah Young

I love this! The opportunity to visit restaurants and bars that I never even knew existed and sample their speciality for between €2 and €2.50. I didn’t need to be asked twice to participate in the Portimão Tapas Route 2013.

With 70 venues across Ferragudo, Portimão, Praia da Rocha and Alvor, offering everything from pastéis de nata to Alvor oysters, accompanied with a complementing beverage, this is the true taste of the Algarve.

I cannot reiterate how great this incentive is. Highlights were a café/bar in a small park in Portimão with ducks, peacocks and various other birds, a very quirky bar with a bed in it in Alvor, possibly the best octopus salad I’ve ever had in Ferragudo, chicken giblets in Portimão Marina and feijoada (bean stew) up a side street in Portimão. We decided to try some things/places that we normally wouldn’t and loved the experience.

With the water-taxi or Tuk Tuk to cross the Arade, you can easily make a day of it.

It is vital to buy a “passport” (a comprehensive guide with all participating venues, menus, opening hours and maps). The passport costs €1 which is donated to local charities.

For each venue visited, you will receive a stamp. When you have 15 stamps, you can visit the Museum of Portimão free of charge and be entered into a prize draw.

There are other prizes to be had by participating, but the biggest prize for me was taking part.