TAP takes on low-cost rivals by dropping ticket prices by 34%

National airline TAP is taking on low cost rivals Ryanair and Easyjet by dropping short- and long-haul prices from its base at Lisbon airport by an average of 34%.

The new ‘discount service’ will be available throughout Europe and Africa from October 1 – although bookings can be made from today.

In the case of flights to London, Paris and Frankfurt, savings promise to be well over 34%, writes Correio da Manhã.

TAP’s ‘discount’ fare to London will be slashed by €30.42 – a saving of 44% – while Lisbon-Paris drops 28% (to €32) and Lisbon-Frankfurt is down a whopping 53%, from €127.42 to just €60.

The idea is to give ‘discount’ options within all the public/private carriers, including those to the archipelagos of Madeira and Azores.

Planes will be ‘refitted’ with special rear-sited ‘discount’ seats (offering less scope for reclining) and passengers taking up the option will be limited to 8kgs of hand-luggage.

According to marketing director Paula Canada, a total of €40 million will be spent on refitting TAP’s A320 airbus fleet for the service.

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