Hi Fly to the rescue... TAP brings in serious of measures to mitigate delays and cancellations

TAP reveals plan to reduce delays and cancellations

Involves using charter company Hi Fly; awarding staff for ‘effort’

Trouble-torn ‘flagship airline’ TAP has come up with a ‘set of measures’ to try and reduce the number of delays and cancellations that have been ‘hitting the headlines’ and frustrating thousands of passengers over the last few weeks.

The airline stresses nonetheless that ‘constraints’ will remain the order of the day until “at least the middle of August”.

According to Jornal de Negócios online, the measures being adopted include using charter company Hi Fly for a number of routes, namely Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), Warsaw and Vienna.

The plan is to use Hi Fly planes, pilots, cabin crew, maintenance and security – for “one month”, says the online.

As to the rest, measures involve “reducing the number of flights to certain destinations, blocking additional sales, and reinforcing the team with 70 cabin crew before the end of the summer”.

A programme to award ‘effort’ is also being launched (to encourage staff towards the excellence that CEO Christine Ourmières-Widener has admitted is missing).

TAP’s official blurb is that it is suffering “at a time when the sector is going through various constraints”.

Indeed, the document referred to by negociosonline refers to “other airlines and airports even more affected” than TAP and Lisbon.

Unofficially, however, TAP does still appear to be the airline with the most delays, cancellations, lost baggage issues and extremely dissatisfied customers. The Resident has received yet another ‘customer complaint’ today – an appeal from a TAP passenger for help as his attempts to contact TAP remain unanswered.