TAP passenger treatment

Dear Editor,

I only wanted to add that sadly enough things did not get any better on precisely the weekend that followed both Mrs Ourmières Widener’s poor excuse and empty promise, as well as your very accurate description of what should never be called “customer service”.

I am writing this almost a full month after the cancellation of our Lisbon-Faro night flight on July 8 and still have not received any reaction to our complaints and claims for disbursements for hotel and alternative transport.

Being left to our own devices without any help or even communication by TAP whatsoever, and seeing that the few staff members at their counter did not even bother to help family mothers with small children on their arms, both crying from exhaustion around midnight at an almost empty Lisbon airport, we were lucky to get hold of some tickets to our destination for the next evening. Train tickets, because our hopes to still be carried by Portugal’s “flagship carrier” had been worn down to nothing!

Kind Regards from Spain (where our luggage has arrived 12 days after landing and had to be picked up at the border to Portugal at our own expense)

Tim Spranger