TAP long-haul pilot caught driving “six times over legal limit”

TAP airline is reported to have opened an inquiry into the “very serious” case of a long-haul pilot found driving with a blood alcohol level of 3.34g/l – “almost six times over the limit”. Ordered to appear in court the next day, the pilot told police he would not be showing up as he would be flying. The airline has refuted this, saying the pilot is on sick leave.

But the mere fact that he is reported to have said what he said has seen a court in Montijo opt to hear the police who arrested him.

This usually means “an exemplary sentence”, explains national tabloid Correio da Manhã, stressing the 33-year-old’s blood alcohol level is at what is commonly called the “pre-coma stage”.

“To have a notion” of the effects of a 3.34g/l reading, CM revealed that just with a level of 1.20g/l “the risk of an accident increases 16-fold”.

Likely sentencing will involve a stiff fine and months if not years without a driving licence, said the paper.