Christine Ourmières-Widener in the days when she was answering questions in parliament. Image by António Cotrim/ Lusa

TAP goes on attack against former CEO claiming €5.9 million in compensation

TAP has gone on the attack against former CEO Christine Ourmières-Widener sacked on live television last year, and now claiming €5.9 million for what her lawyers present as unfair dismissal. The airline has accused her of violating the exclusivity regime to which she was obliged; of allowing a ‘conflict of interest situation’ involving her husband and ‘services to the airline’ that caused ‘serious reputational risks’ to the carrier – and of “grossly” violating her duties as a director by hiding the golden handshake exit agreement that essentially precipitated a slew of top-level departures from both TAP and the government. In other words, TAP is fighting Ms Ourmières-Widener’s multi-million lawsuit, with a veritable salvo of legal arguments.